Version 5.1.2

Date: 21.07.2023

  1. Fixed a bug in the tags on mobile
  2. Added an all tag function and shortcode
  3. Added a Categories page
  4. Added a better 404 page
  5. Revised version of the blog main page

Version 5.1.1

Date: 01.07.2023

  1. Removed Google Analytics
  2. Updated to the new version of WP-Statistics, privacy-aware analytics
  3. Added a content archive page

Version 5.1

Date: 19.05.2023

  1. Additional sections: Codex and System. Codex contains 25 cards for key concepts and definitions
  2. Reorganised Galleries as Visual Archives
  3. New Home page and navigation
  4. New About page and presentation
  5. System elements prototypes: Rapid Calibration, Desk Research, Participant Recruitment and Future Scenarios
  6. New blog post: The myth of the selfish human + The intersection of AI and creativity: a new era for Generative Art
  7. Added new sub navigation for all WP Posts customised for Codex and System
  8. Added Terms of Service
  9. Link to my Reading List in the footer
  10. Published Resilient Table 2043, the episode 01 of a series on the future of food.
  11. Added the search function

Starting to log notes about releases here on the 18th of May 2023. Previous versions started on Readymag and moved to WordPress with Version 2.