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I’m Pascal Wicht. I am a strategic designer, field researcher, futurist and teacher. I help people and organisations navigate towards preferable futures for humanity and adapt to a world of growing problems that don’t go away.

Welcome to my site, where I fuse critical theory with design practice. My slow-motion blog is here. I am writing a Codex to help designers drive more impact. I am also documenting my strategic design system Wangjitsu.

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Recently Published

Moving Beyond Individualism to Embrace Systemic Solutions

Navigating society’s complex challenges requires systemic solutions, not just individual actions. Let’s explore how to shift our focus from personal choices to a more structural understanding for radical change.

Surface vs Structures

Social sciences researchers aim to uncover the deeper structural issues behind problems, going beyond surface-level effects. For designers, this means considering the broader context and systemic factors that contribute to problems.

Side Projects

The Resilient Table

This speculative and generative experiment explores a future scenario of a society that has relocalized and is regenerating most of its food systems, drawing from a blend of traditional practices and cutting-edge innovations.

Field Photography

Through the lens: capturing field research. Photography while doing ethnographic and strategic research from 2015 to present.

Organic Architecture

An exploration into the world of building renovation. At the intersection of biosourced materials and historical buildings.

Hostile Habitats

Visual experiments exploring low carbon urban disaster habitats in “collapsepunk” style using the MidJourney V4.



A project by Pascal Wicht
2018 – 2023

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