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Exploring preferable futures

In the continuity of a previous post and previous experiments on creativity and visualising preferable futures, this exploration tries to answer a deep and recurring question from my children about the kind of future they will have as they grow up.

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Hello! I’m Pascal Wicht. I am a strategic designer, creative director, field researcher, futurist and teacher. I help people and organisations navigate towards preferable futures for humanity and adapt to a world of growing problems that don’t go away.

Welcome to my site, where I fuse critical theory with design. My slow-motion blog is here. I am writing a Codex to help designers drive more impact. I am also documenting my strategic design system Wangjitsu. You can see my explorations with Ai and images over here.

You can connect with me using my contact page form, by scheduling a call or following me on social media.

I tend to publish early and iterate often.


Noise and Orientation
Signals and Futures
Listening and Systems
AI and Critical Imagination

Prompt Engineering and Photography

First tests with the Midjourney V6 Alpha released before Christmas 2023.

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This speculative and generative experiment explores a future scenario of a society that has relocalized and is regenerating most of its food systems, drawing from a blend of traditional practices and cutting-edge innovations.

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Through the lens: capturing field research. Photography while doing ethnographic and strategic research from 2015 to present.

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Digital Dye

Machine Learning
& Crafting Speculative
Indigo Ethnographies

Whispers & Giants Explorations

Pathways towards preferable futures


A project by Pascal Wicht
2018 – 2024

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