Whispers & Giants is a strategic discovery agency helping you succeed in the early phase of your innovation journey.

Our approach

Whispers & Giants is a strategic discovery agency helping you succeed in the early phase of your innovation journey.

By combining ethnography and future thinking, we work in the upstream phases of your innovation and transformation project. Our approach ensures that you benefit from the necessary curiosity, sensemaking and imagination to escape the status quo and envision preferable futures.

We specialize in helping innovation teams with future scenario planning, future trends, consumer insights research and brand development.

Strategic Discovery Services

Increase the success of your innovation by adding curiosity, sensemaking and imagination to the early phase of your journey!

Future Scenarios

Unpack change drivers to envision your preferable futures through identifying risks and opportunities.

Customer Insights

Make sense of how your customers are changing and what will matter for them tomorrow.

Branding Insights

Explore and uncover socio-cultural stories to craft future-relevant brands and narratives.


“57% of companies don’t have a formal innovation process. While 78% of organisations with a process just focus on incremental changes.”

— CB Insights

Successful business leaders are increasingly looking beyond the status quo to envision their preferable futures.

We know: innovation is very hard. As popular approaches fail to reach below the surface, journeys often end up with uninspiring ideas and ordinary optimisations.

It shouldn’t be this way. Using Imagination, Sensemaking, and Curiosity, you can ignite reinvention and embark on a successful innovation journey.

Schoolgirl — Jordan

We live in the era of Futurbulences, where organisations have to adapt to a multipolar world overwhelmed by large-scale problems that refuse to disappear and multiply rapidly.

“Futurbulences are complex and hybrid events that surprisingly arriving earlier than expected. They challenge both the worldviews of leaders and their ability to respond, often ill-equipped to deal with these phenomenons of the future.”

— Pascal Wicht, founder of Whisper & Giants

Need Help with Your Challenge?

Apart from our core services, our clients often request more specific interventions to fine-tune their innovation strategy in the era of futurbulences.

Future Trends

Make sense of change by spotting weak signals of emerging trends to make well-informed decisions.

Field Research

Get ethnographic insights about a specific group of people and their context by conducting field-based research.

Creative Facilitation

Access a space of engineered and critical conversations, where you can align stakeholders around your vision and approach complex problems.

“If I had an hour to solve a problem I’d spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and 5 minutes thinking about solutions.”

— Albert Einstein

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