Hello, I’m Pascal. I am a strategic designer and futurist. I help organisations navigate towards preferable futures and adapt to a world of growing problems.

Happy New Year 2023

This space is where I collect and share some of my work and reflections. Throughout my career, I have worked at the intersection of design, innovation, marketing and creative direction. With time I created my own strategic design framework “Wangjitsu”. I am currently building this part of of the site, to be released soon.

I have started collecting some thoughts in a blog here, and putting together some archives below.

Visual conversations with AI

◯ Hostile Habitats

A series of visual experiments using Midjourney to explore low carbon future narratives of post collapse makeshift architecture.

◯ Urban Forest Part 1

In this series I explore visual tracks beyond the usual solarpunk futures. I explore how instead of adding the forest in the city, what doe sit mean to bring the city to the forest.

◯ Urban Forest Part 2

This is my second exploration of forest urbanity. This exploration is centred around the idea of “woodpunk”, a future where the dominant material paradigm is wood.


Photo diary

Photography archives, visuals from fieldwork and personal travel.

Poster works


A non-exhaustive list of graphic design work on the poster medium.


A slow-motion blog