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Last update: 13.02.24


I work at SICPA as a Strategic designer and manager. My main focus is how around the world cash co-exists alongside digital and card-based payment solutions.

I also collaborate on the company’s sustainability strategy and participate in various strategic and R&D projects.


Last week, I  finished to intervene my intervention at HEC and I am in talk for a possible new intervention next academic cycle/year at ECAL. I am focused on teaching students on how to grow futures and critical thinking skills and how to design sustainable and ethical business models using the Doughnut Economics frameworks.


I am building a database of sustainable business model patterns in order to support the teaching and design of innovative solutions for preferable futures.

I also research narrative and worldviews empowering the return of fascism and right-wing violence, with a focus on the shift in conspirituality. I am busy looking for the best way to illustrate this article.

I am also working in slow motion on a series on critical social sciences concepts and the principles of emancipatory knowledge and praxis. To be continued…

I decided to turn the System part of my site into something different. Made lots of learning with these prototypes. Times to iterate.


I am experimenting with the alpha of the V6 of Midjourney. I have been investing lots of time and focus on making sense of generative AI’s ability to produce imaginative imagery and visuals of preferable futures. The new –sref feature is quite amazing but doesn’t work really well yet for what I am trying to do.



Documentaries, reflections and investigations




  • I currently enjoy playing Cyberpunk 2077, especially since the launch of the recent DLC.
  • I play a lot of Lego with my kids.


  • I am a working father and husband, taking care of a family with my wife, our two kids and a grandmother as a three generation family.
  • I am a christian practicing Zazen daily.
  • I currently learn to live with long-covid again.

This is a /now page, if you have a site, you should make one too. Thank you Jérémie for suggesting this to me.

For more info, check my about page, or my profile page.