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This is a speculative design experiment using AI / Midjourney

A Wangjitsu Retreat

Blurring the lines between intellectual inquiry and sensory exploration, this Midjourney speculative design experiment takes place at the Wangjitsu Centre for Strategic Design and Social Innovation is a five-day retreat steeped in materialist design thinking and experimental sonic environments. This distinctive event driven by a materialist approach to design, encouraging participants to consider how tangible elements and sensorial experiences can serve as catalysts for systemic change.

By immersing attendees in a milieu rich in textured sounds and tactile experiences, the retreat expands the traditional boundaries of design to include not just theoretical frameworks, but also the sensory aspects that shape human cognition and emotion. The materialist viewpoint adds layers to discussions on subjects like sense-jamming, futurbulences, and neurocapitalism, inviting participants to consider how physical and sensory elements can contribute to or disrupt systemic narratives.

The musical component of the retreat is an intricate blend of auditory elements that defy simple categorization. Instead of compartmentalizing styles such as experimental electronic, minimal techno, or dark ambient, these genres are melded into a transformative soundscape that encourages deep introspection. Participants experience the music not merely as a background soundtrack but as a participatory exercise in auditory perception. Amidst this pulsating sonic framework, elements of glitch disrupt conventional rhythms, while IDM (Intelligent Dance Music) adds layers of cerebral complexity. Dark ambient and drone elements provide aural canvases that invite meditative reflection. The experience culminates in moments where noise and industrial sounds serve as jarring reminders of the tensions that pervade modern existence.

Designed to resonate with introverted thinkers, adventurous psychonauts and connoisseurs of unconventional music, the retreat offers a multi-faceted experience. Here, the act of listening becomes a form of active engagement with the complex issues dissected during the retreat. In this way, Wangjitsu practitioners transcends the norms of both speculative design and contemporary art, forging an experiential realm where materiality and thought converge in a harmonious dance of introspection and systemic critique.

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