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Extreme Conditions Carry Systems

Future-proof carryology

Welcome to my weekend project, a solo journey into AI and sustainable product design. Over two days, I challenged myself to explore the generative capabilities of Midjourney, ChatGPT and Grammarly, focusing on prototyping innovative carrying systems. The aim was to showcase how AI can drive generative product design using imaginary bio-sourced, high-tech materials suitable for climate disaster scenarios and tech-wear urban nomadism.

This is not about creating an authentic brand but a visual exploration that stems from my deep-rooted passion for practical, technical and sustainable carrying solutions. Envisioning materials that are both circular and advanced, I imagined hot to blend functionality with sustainability in a generative product design scenario.

This blog post is a selection into the outcomes and insights from this AI sprint—a personal, self-initiated journey that often left me pondering, ‘I have no idea what I’m doing, but this is so good.’

Disclaimer: This is not real. This is an AI-driven speculative design project showcasing the power of Artificial Intelligence and human imagination to prototype innovative designs. These are not real product. In this exploration to learn about artificial intelligence, the focus was intentionally placed on the external aspects of the bag, rather than the internal components or the intricacies of the frame and rigging system for the bag and the shoulder pads. These areas may be addressed in future explorations.

A generative product design sprint using AI

Exploring the generative capabilities of Midjourney for rapid product exploration and prototyping.

In response to the pressing demands of today’s environmental challenges, our approach is built upon four foundational pillars: circular materials, ethical supply chains, advanced performance for climate disasters, and functional design. Each pillar is crucial in ensuring our products meet the highest standards of sustainability and ethics and provide unmatched functionality in times of need.

Circular materials
Our commitment to circular materials is twofold. First, we prioritize mono materials that simplify recycling processes and maintain material integrity throughout multiple life cycles. Secondly, we incorporate advanced composites that blend recycled content with bio-sourced materials to create new, high-performance materials. These composites are designed for strength, durability, and resistance to extreme weather, embodying our dedication to environmental responsibility without compromising quality.

Open and repairable products
Our strategy focuses on repairability and open-source design in response to the growing need for sustainable and adaptable technologies. We prioritize products that are easy to repair and upgrade, using modular components to extend their lifespan and reduce waste. By embracing open-source design, we promote transparency and invite the community to modify and enhance our designs, fostering innovation and diverse contributions. This approach ensures our products are durable and adaptable and keeps them at the forefront of sustainable practices. It empowers users to maintain and evolve their items over time, deepening their understanding and interaction with the technology while collectively advancing environmental consciousness and technological development.

Functional design
Every aspect of our product design is informed by functionality. We integrate ergonomic features that enhance user comfort and efficiency alongside modular components that can be easily repaired or upgraded. Our design philosophy emphasizes intuitive usability, ensuring our products are accessible and effective for many users. From adjustable straps to optimized weight distribution, every element is meticulously crafted to improve the user experience and meet the specific demands of active and emergency environments.

Whispers & Giants
Pascal Wicht


Advanced titanium and exoskeleton frame and dark circular composite and natural coating finish backpacks.

Introducing the Eclipse Collection: a testament to cutting-edge design and sustainable innovation. Each backpack in this series has an advanced titanium exoskeleton frame, offering unparalleled durability and lightweight performance. The frame is complemented by dark circular composites, meticulously crafted from recycled and bio-sourced materials, ensuring each piece not only withstands the rigours of use but also supports circular material use.

The Eclipse Collection features a natural coating finish, enhancing the backpacks’ resistance to wear and environmental elements while maintaining a sleek, sophisticated aesthetic. This finish is derived from renewable sources, aligning with our commitment to reduce chemical use and impact on the planet.

Designed for the discerning adventurer who faces the unpredictabilities of climate turbulence, the Eclipse Collection merges exceptional functionality with robust, ethical construction. It’s more than just a backpack; it’s a fusion of form, function, and futuristic resilience, ready to accompany you on every expedition, no matter how demanding.

Lunar Lander

Advanced titanium exoskeleton frame in wolf grey circular composite backpacks.

Introducing the Lunar Lander Collection: crafted with an advanced titanium exoskeleton frame and clad in wolf-grey circular composites. These backpacks combine state-of-the-art durability with a sleek, modern aesthetic designed for urban explorers and adventure seekers. Lightweight yet robust, they epitomize functional elegance and sustainable design, ready to elevate your journey wherever it takes you.


Dark green carry system in bio-sourced and recycled fiber composite, adjustable straps and metal frame variations.

Discover the Warlock Collection: featuring carry systems in a rich dark green, constructed from a blend of bio-sourced and recycled fiber composites. Each piece is designed with adjustable straps for personalized comfort and various metal frame options for tailored support. This collection blends deep, natural aesthetics with advanced sustainability, offering a durable, versatile choice for the environmentally conscious traveler.


High performance adaptive luggage system with reinforced lightweight circular steel exoskeleton.

Explore the Pioneer Collection: crafted for the adventurous soul, this high-performance luggage system features a reinforced, lightweight circular steel exoskeleton tailored for the rigors of exploration. Built to endure diverse terrains and climates, this collection combines exceptional durability with sleek, functional design. Ideal for explorers who demand robust support and adaptive flexibility on their journeys, the Pioneer Collection is your steadfast companion in the pursuit of discovery.


High performance adaptive duffel bag system with reinforced lightweight circular steel exoskeleton.

Introducing the Frontier Collection: Engineered for the bold explorer, this high-performance adaptive duffel bag system is built with a reinforced, lightweight, circular steel exoskeleton. Designed to withstand the challenges of any adventure, the Frontier Collection combines ultimate durability with dynamic flexibility. Perfect for those who push the limits of exploration, these duffel bags offer exceptional resilience and sleek functionality for every journey ahead.

Black Sea

High performance adaptive backpack and travel system with reinforced lightweight steel exoskeleton.

Discover the Frontier Collection: our most advanced foray into high-performance travel gear. This adaptive backpack and travel system is crafted with a reinforced, lightweight steel exoskeleton, embodying the pinnacle of material research and development. Each piece in this collection is a little miracle of engineering—designed to provide unparalleled durability and adaptability for the modern explorer. Whether navigating urban landscapes or trekking through remote terrains, the Frontier Collection ensures you travel with confidence and style.


Advanced urban tote carry frame system with bio-sourced vegan leather and upcycled nylon straps composite.

Introducing the Metropolis Collection: a sophisticated blend of elegance and durability for the urban environment. This advanced tote carry frame system features a sleek construction of bio-sourced vegan leather complemented by upcycled nylon straps. Perfect for the style-conscious city dweller, this collection marries eco-friendly materials with chic urban design, ensuring durability, functionality, and seamless integration into daily life. Whether commuting to work or exploring city streets, the Metropolis Collection provides a stylish yet practical solution for every urban adventure.


High-tech algae-based translucent reinforced polymer fabric and upcycled composite straps.

Introducing the Wavejumper Collection: a showcase of our most experimental explorations in materials crafted for the daring and innovative. This collection features high-tech, algae-based translucent reinforced polymer fabric, creating a striking visual aesthetic that is both futuristic and environmentally conscious. Complemented by upcycled composite straps, the Wavejumper Collection epitomizes our commitment to pushing the boundaries of eco-friendly design. Ideal for adventurers who value both style and sustainability, this collection stands out visually and stands up to the rigours of active use with exceptional durability and resilience.


Stainless steel briefcase and luggage system with adaptive lightweight exoskeleton frames.

Introducing the Orbital Collection: a modern reinterpretation of the classic steel briefcase, reimagined for the space exploration era. This collection features stainless steel briefcases and luggage systems, each with an adaptive, lightweight exoskeleton frame designed to withstand extreme conditions. Drawing inspiration from the rugged reliability of our fathers’ steel briefcases, the Orbital Collection marries timeless durability with cutting-edge design, making it perfect for today’s intrepid adventurers facing the harsh environments of outer space or earthly expeditions. Whether navigating interstellar travel or braving terrestrial extremes, the Orbital Collection ensures you carry a piece of heritage equipped for the future.


Urban carry system in advanced biosourced polymer composite and upcycled fiber straps.

Introducing the Midnight Collection: tailor-made for the urban commuter and the weekend underground techno scene connoisseur. This urban carry system combines an advanced bio-sourced polymer composite with upcycled fibre straps, blending high functionality with environmental consciousness. Designed with the night traveller in mind, the Midnight Collection offers a sleek, stylish solution for those who thrive in the city’s pulsating rhythm. Whether navigating the rush of weekday commutes or diving into the vibrant nightlife, this collection delivers durability, comfort, and a distinct aesthetic that stands out in the urban landscape.


Circular monomaterial polymer and adaptive carry system for search and rescue operations.

Introducing the Recon Collection: initially engineered for the demands of first responders, this line is now ready to equip those at the forefront of change and innovation. Crafted with circular mono-material polymers, the Recon Collection features an adaptive carry system optimized for search and rescue operations. This collection merges ultimate functionality with sustainable design, offering durability, adaptability, and ease of recycling. Whether you’re a professional in emergency services or an enthusiast living on the edge of tomorrow, the Recon Collection provides robust support, helping you face challenges head-on while paving the way for a sustainable future.

Neon Scout

Versatile carry system in bright neon lime yellow biosourced polymer composite and advanced upcycled materials.

Introducing the Neon Scout Collection: a vibrant celebration of nostalgia and innovation designed for the spirited explorer. This versatile carry system features a striking neon lime yellow, crafted from bio-sourced polymer composites and enhanced with advanced upcycled materials. The Neon Scout Collection is a nod to the iconic fluorescent colours of the ’90s, blended with Tokyo nightlife’s electrifying energy and the Vietnamese jungle’s rugged allure. Perfect for adventurers who stand out and desire functionality without compromising style, this collection combines eye-catching aesthetics with high-performance features, ensuring you’re prepared and prominent in any setting.

Whispers & Giants
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