Our three main services help teams in the upstream part of innovation journeys.

We can deliver bespoke rapid remote deep dives. When the sanitary conditions allow it, we engage on the ground with ethnography.

Future scenarios

Unpack change drivers to envision your preferable futures through identifying risks and opportunities.

Customer Insights

Make sense of how your customers are changing and what will matter for them tomorrow.

Branding Insights

Explore and uncover socio-cultural stories to craft future-relevant brands and narratives.

Future Trends

Make sense of change by spotting weak signals of emerging trends to make well-informed decisions.

Field Research

Get ethnographic insights about a specific group of people and their context by conducting field-based research.

Creative Facilitation

Access a space of engineered and critical conversations, where you can align stakeholders around your vision and approach complex problems.

Unbound from expired patterns, teams can envision their positive, preferable futures to initiate reinvention or to embark on successful innovation journeys.

Changemakers can navigate complexity by using their imagination to make sense of their environment and reframe problems.

Companies use a new language to lead meaningful conversations about the future.

Young people and street food, Kowloon, HK

Activity Spectrum

Repair & Reuse

Inclusive Design

Social Innovation










Sensemaking workshop, Wangji

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