Our Work

Whispers & Giants is a Switzerland-based research, design and strategy consultancy with a global outlook.

We research human experiences and contexts. We design scenarios, strategies, and multi-layered interventions to deliver meaning-rich, contextualized insights to our clients.

Schoolyard kids — Jordan

Project Highlights


Collaborative Sensemaking

We designed and facilitated a remote multi-organisational sensemaking and alignment workshop on the topic of branding in the online entertainment and gaming industry.

Circular Design

We have designed and facilitated a sensemaking workshop for an innovation team on the topic of design for the circular economy and waste management.

Future of Education Ethnography

We have researched, analysed and modelled a student-led education program in Jordan. We also shaped the brand and storytelling architecture and pinpointed opportunities to drive social innovation.

Future of Digital Trust

We have designed and implemented an innovation programme on the future of digital trust, decentralised identity and verifiable credentials for a global leader in trust and sovereign solutions.

Gen Z Customer Expectation

We have helped clients in the banking sector and other service-based industries redefine their brands not only to meet, but also to exceed the customer service expectations of Gen Z and Millennials.

Future of Energy

We have explored the future of energy consumption and offgrid consumer attitudes for a Swiss utility.

Future of Telemedicine

We have researched trends shaping the future of remote medical care, telemedicine and the mobility of medical practitioners.

Bio Fertilizer Adoption

We have researched and explored design tracks and prototypes to increase the adoption of biological fertilizer for rice farmers in the Mekong Delta.

Energy Trends

We helped a major player in the global energy market capture and make sense of trends for their marketing and brand strategy.

AI Brand Narrative

We have helped a Berlin-based artificial intelligence incubator, shape their brand narrative and concept for their AI campus.

Leadership Coaching

We have coached various leaders from NGOs and design teams – both corporate and agency – in their leadership, strategy and adaptation to the pandemic.

Teaching and Lectures

We have taught courses on topics spanning from cross-generational leadership to design research for participants from universities, art schools, design schools and business schools.

Rice farmer – Mekong Delta, Vietnam

Some Numbers

Since 2018, we have helped our clients adapt to the era of futurbulences and envision their preferable futures.

We have worked to explore short term futures, 6-12 months and for longer time horizons, usually 2030.

We have conducted interviews in 23 countries, both physically and remotely.

Before Covid-19, our most interesting field research was conducted in Jordan, while our most compelling remote desk research was done for an AI brand assignment.

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