Hello, I’m Pascal. I am a strategic designer and futurist. I help organisations navigate towards preferable futures and adapt to a world of growing problems.

This space is where I collect and share some of my work and reflections. Throughout my career, I have worked at the intersection of design, innovation, marketing and creative direction. With time I created my own strategic design framework “Wangjitsu”. I am currently building this part of of the site, to be released soon.

I have started collecting some thoughts in a blog below, and putting together some archives.


A slow-motion blog


2nd February 2023

NFT: Capitalism on steroids and the commodification of everything

This blog post expands on an initial Linkedin post (2021) about two academic papers on…
25th February 2023

Context is key: avoiding the fundamental attribution error in design research

Intro Have you ever found yourself making assumptions about someone's behavior without considering the larger…
2nd February 2023

Defining the Box: how sensemaking and reframing can help you think out of the box

Illustration: Midjourney Introduction The phrase "think outside the box" is often used as a call…
19th December 2022

What urgent matters in design?

This is a repost of my answers to the question "What urgent matters in design"…
23rd December 2022

System-shifting design, a review

This is my contribution to the unpacking of "System-Shifting Design, An Emergent Practice Explored”, authored…


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